Expression Web 4.0 Add-ins - Installing Expression Web 4 Add-ins

If you are using an earlier version of Expression Web, EW version 4 SP2a is now available FREE so there is no reason not to upgrade.

A new extensibility model  will allow you to create add-ins much more easily using html, css, javascript and a manifest file (xml).  There are quite a few new add-ins for Expression Web 4 that will also work in earlier versions of the program.

 Easily create an Add-in for Expression Web 4 with the Add-in Builder by Anna Ulrich

 Creating an Expression Web Add-in by Jim Cheshire

Jim Cheshire, the author of Microsoft Expression Web 4 In Depth, has included a complete section (several chapters) on building add-ins for Expression Web 4 using the new JavaScript add-in model. When you register the book at informIT you get access to a PDF copy of the book which contains the bonus material. The bonus material will be available as a separate EBook in early February as a stand-alone eBook entitled Creating Microsoft Expression Web 4 Add-ins.

This is the only complete reference for developing add-ins in Expression Web 4 currently available. Not only do these chapters walk you through the creation of an add-in, but they also contain valuable reference information such as the internal IDs of each and every menu item and panel in Expression Web 4 so that you can place menu items and panels exactly where you want them. It also includes a complete reference on the entire add-in object model and API, complete with example code and tips. These chapters are available as a stand-alone eBook entitled Creating Add-ins for Microsoft Expression Web 4.

What is an Expression Web Add-in?

An Expression Web Add-in, is an external software package that provides additional or enhanced functionality within Expression Web 4.

How to Install Add-ins?

NOTE: Many of the commercial add-ins come as an executable file. Once you have downloaded the add-in, double click the .exe file and follow the instructions for that particular add-in.

Step 1: Launch Expression Web 4.0. Go to 'Tools' on the menu and select 'Add-Ins.'

Screenshot Tools > Add-ins menu.

Step 2: In the 'Manage Add-ins' dialog box click the 'Install' button.

NOTE: If this is the first Add-in you have installed, the list will not yet be populated.

Screenshot Manage Add-ins dialog box.

Step 3: Browse to the location on your computer where you downloaded the Add-in. Click 'Open.' The add-in will end with the file extension .xadd. The add-in will be installed.

Step 4: Once installed, you will be asked if you want to enable the add-in. The screen will give you all of the information on the particular add-in you are installing. Click 'Yes.'

Screenshot Enable Add-in dialog box.

Step 5: If you once again click 'Tools' on the menu bar and select 'Add-ins' you will see the list has now been populated with your first add-in.

Screenshot Manage Add-ins list.

Using the Expression Web Add-ins

Step 6: Depending on the add-ins you have installed, they will be available at a number of locations. Go to 'Panels' and select the Add-in. In this case Payment Buttons for PayPal.

Screenshot Panels > Add-in menu item.

Go to 'Insert' and select the Add-in.

Screenshot Insert add-ins menu items.

It is as simple as that.

Expression Web Free Add-ins


Steve Easton’s FPCleaner supports FrontPage (2000-2003), Expression Web (all versions) as well as SharePoint Designer 2007. Best of all this program is FREE. It is one of the programs I have consistently recommended if you have problems with the FrontPage and/or Expression Web  as it cleans up the clutter of files that are left behind. It does not require installation and runs from your desktop. This is one of the essential tools in my arsenal of tools for web design work.

FPCleaner  supports FrontPage 2000-2003, Expression Web 1.0 and 2.0, and Sharepoint Designer 2007
FPCleaner Expression Web 3.0 supports Expression Web 3.0.
FP Cleaner for Expression Web 4.0 supports Expression Web 4.0.

Screenshot Steve Easton's FPCleaner.

  • Restore Default Toolbars and Menus
  • Change the Open Last Web Setting
  • Clear the Hidden Temporary Files
  • Clear the Hidden Cache (*.web) Files
  • Clear the Find Replace MRU List
  • Start the Program

Contact Form Generator for Expression Web

ASP Contact Form Generator is a FREE, online tool that will generate an email contact form, including the back-end VB ASP.NET code, HTML form fields, field validators, a customizable confirmation message, a basic security test to minimize form SPAM, and more. No programming knowledge is required.

The form that this tool generates takes full advantage of ASP.NET  2.0 (the same technology required for Master Pages). The generated form and script must be placed in an ASP.NET page (.aspx) and deployed to a windows web server that supports ASP.NET 2.0 (not just ASP or ASP.NET or ASP.NET 1.1, but ASP.NET 2.0). FrontPage Server Extensions are NOT required.

The Contact Form Generator is not an add-in but a separate tool but works with all current versions of Expression Web.

The add-ins listed below are available FREE for Expression Web 4:

  • SlapShot for Expression Web 4 - SlapShot is based on the SnapShot panel, in that you can easily preview a page without loading a browser, however SlapShot extends the features of SnapShot by including full ActiveX support (Silverlight®, Flash®, and so on), as well as interactivity within the page (including navigation).
  • Expression Web Add-ins by Ian Hayes all can be downloaded from his site.
    • Copyright Notice Add-In for Expression Web V4 - This add-in creates a JavaScript based copyright notice that always updates to the current year and also creates a static notice, without the year, for the very small percentage of users that don't have JavaScript enabled.
    • Sub/Sup Text Add-in for Expression Web 4 - The add-in puts two new buttons on the "Standard" toolbar for <sub> and <sup> text..
    • Code Comment Add-In for Expression Web 4 - This add-in adds the comment CSS functionality and provides three new icons on the "Standard" toolbar
    • Close All' Add-In for Expression Web V4 allows you to close all open pages in EW with one click. It puts an icon on both the Standard and Common toolbars
    • Attach-JS - This add-in adds an item to the 'Insert' menu that allows you to automatically add a reference to a page for a JavaScript file. It lets you select the file and, if the file is outside the current web, copies it to the web when you've selected the file.
    •  Add Feed Add-in allows you to easily add a Twitter or RSS feed on your site? Note:
    • WordPaste Add-in - Allows you to paste clean HTML from Microsoft Word™ documents. This add-in pastes the text and the basic HTML structure, giving a far better result than pasting via NotePad and making the job very much easier.
    • HTML5 Placeholder - HTML5 adds the 'placeholder' attribute to <input> tags, allowing you to display a watermark prompt. This can be useful for form input in small spaces, where you can still have labels for accessibility hidden outside the viewport. Most HTML5 browsers support this but if the page is viewed in an older browser, the watermark is lost.
    • WinPop add-in for Expression Web V4 - WinPop creates 'accessible pop-up windows'. By accessible I mean that they can be read by screen readers and continue to work if a user has JavaScript turned off. It has all the usual browser options for the pop-up windows and can create the pop-up link from text, existing links or images.
    • Meta Tag snippets for xWeb V4 SP2 - adds two groups of snippets for normal meta tags -  Meta and Robots Meta Tags.
  • Insert Bing Map Add-in by Mike Calvo
  • Insert a You Tube Video  - Add-in to insert You Tube videos on your web page. Available from the Expression Gallery.
  • Lightbox Framework Add-In for Expression Web 4 by expression extras. The Expression Extras Lightbox Framework is an Expression Web 4 add-in for creating lightbox widgets. This lightbox is based on the jQuery javascript library and the WAI WCAG 2.0/WAI ARIA ariaLightbox widget. Best of all, it’s free!

Expression Web 4.0 Commercial Add-ins

The add-ins made by both Ajatix and CSSMenuTools work with all versions of Expression Web as well as FrontPage.

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