Ajatix Email Spam Blocker Expression Web Add-in

Ajatix Email Spam Blocker.Most of us list email addresses on our web site. If you do, you must make some extra effort to protect them. Why? Unprotected plain text email addresses are an easy target for spam bots, special computer programs harvesting email addresses from web sites. Once an email address is collected it gets into an unsolicited bulk email database and starts receiving spam emails. And you already know how annoying that can be.

The Email Spam Blocker plug-in protects email addresses on web pages from being harvested by bots, while leaving them available to human web site visitors.


System requirements and Cost

  • Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000
  • Microsoft Expression Web 4, 3(SP2), 2, 1.
  • Microsoft FrontPage 2003, 2002, 2000

Price: $29.95

Product Website - Email Spam Blocker 2 - Expression Web Add-In  to download trial or purchase.

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Installing Ajatix Email SpamBlocker

Expression Web Add-ins are easy to install. You can find detailed instructions for Installing Expression Web 4 Add-ins. Installing the Email Spam Blocker Add-in to version 4 made it available for all versions of Expression Web and FrontPage 2003 on my computer.

How to use the Email Spam Blocker Add-in

The instructions and screenshots were taken using Expression Web 4 installed on a Windows 7 computer. Click any thumbnail to view a larger image.

Place the cursor into the position on the page where you want to insert a new email, or leave the cursor in any arbitrary position if you are not going to add a new email address.

Start the add-in by clicking the Email Spam Blocker icon in the Ajatix toolbar OR using  Insert > Ajatix > Email Spam Blocker. All the email addresses found on the page will be loaded into the add-in.

Screenshot Email Spam Blocker.

Protected email addresses are marked by Protected email icon, non-protected ones are marked by Non-protetcted email icon.

You can protect all email addresses on the page by clicking the Protect All Emails icon Protect all emails

Adding a new protected email.

Select the email you would like to edit from the list and tick the protect box.
The live preview allows to see how the selected email will look like in the end user's browser.
To save your work, click the OK button or select the Save command in the File Menu.

You will be prompted to select a name for the CSS file. 'ajxspamblocker.css' will be suggested by default.

Screenshot Save CSS file.

If you already have a folder where you are saving your style sheets, browse to that folder and save the  'ajxspamblocker.css' or whatever you name the file.

NOTE: A javascript file is also saved to that location with the file name 'ajxspamblocker.js'

The code that is inserted into your page will look something like the screenshot shown below.

Screenshot of code inserted with EMail Spamblocker.

You will need to preview your page in a browser to see the results which will NOT display in Design View.

Protecting email addresses on other pages

Open the desired page in Expression Web.
Run the Email Spam Blocker add-in as described above.
Make all necessary changes and save your work.
You will be prompted to save into the same CSS file as the last time.
Leave the suggested CSS file name intact in order for all the pages of your site to share a single CSS and a single JavaScript file for all protected emails.

Editing email content

The content editor allows you to add a new email, delete an existing email, or edit an email.

Screenshot of the Content Editor.

Use Add New Email, Delete Email buttons under the list of emails to add a new email to the list and to delete emails. You can add only one email per session.

Screenshot Add and Delete Buttons.

Editing email

  • Select the email you would like to edit from the list.
  • Check the Protect box if you want the email to be protected from being collected by spam bots.
  • The Email field specifies the email address.
  • The Headers field is optional. You may specify one or more name-value pairs. The pairs should be separated by a "&" The name can be one of the following strings.
    • subject  - Enter the text you want to appear in the subject line of the message.
    • body - Enter the text you want to appear in the body of the message.
    • CC - Enter the addresses to be included in the "cc" (carbon copy) section of the message.
    • BCC - Enter the addresses to be included in the "bcc" (blind carbon copy) section of the message.

An email address on a web page can be displayed as a text or as an image.
To display email as a text: select the Text option and enter the desired text.
To display email as an image: select Image option.

Images can be loaded from drive or generated from text. To load an existing image, click the Screenshot Browse button. button and select the desired image.

To create images, click the 'Create' button. You can create two images, one for the normal state and one for the mouseover state.

Screenshot of image generator.

You will see a preview of the image being created in each case. For each state, you can enter:

Text: The email address to be displayed.
Font: The font to use. Don't get too fancy. Make sure the font you select is legible.
Size: Size of the font to use.
Color: The color of the font.
Bg color: The background color of the image.
Antialiasing: Checked by default
B I U: Select if you want the text displayed in Bold, Italics, or Underlined.
Format: You can select GIF or PNG format to save the image

Make sure and add the alt text for the image. You can also select the alignment for your image.

Click OK

Save the CSS to the same location as you did the first time. Both the css and js files are saved as well as a folder called 'ajxspamblocker_files.' This folder contains the images created for you.

If you view the source code you will see something like the screenshot below:

Screenshot of the image code created by Email Spamblocker.

You will see the image displayed in Design View. Make sure to preview your page in one or more browsers.

Now you won't have to worry about the spambots gathering your email addresses.

Product Website - Email Spam Blocker 2 - Expression Web Add-In  to download trial or purchase.

Buy Now: Email Spam Blocker 2 - Expression Web Add-In

Pat Geary.
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Written July 2012
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