Import Site Wizard in Expression Web

You can NOT have more than one instance of Expression Web running or this process will not work.

There may come a time when you need to "get" a site from the web that you do not have the credentials to logon and download or publish to your computer. Perhaps you are helping someone or just want to play around and see how a site works. The Import Site Wizard is a tool you can use. The instructions were written for Expression Web 4.0 but will work in earlier versions with a slight revision.

Step 1: Create a new empty website on your computer. If you need help with that, follow
Create Website in Expression Web.

Expression Web 3.0 and 4.0

NEW Video of the Import Site Wizard process. The video is a wmv file which will open in Windows Media Player.

Step 2: Site > Import > Import Site Wizard
From the Connection Type select "HTTP"
Location: [site Url]
Click Next

Screenshot - Import Site Wizard.

Step 3: Select your destination web location. The default is the site you have open with Add to current site ticked
Click Next

Screenshot Import Site Wizard - Choose your destination web location.

Step 4: Set the Import limits, You can tick any of the following choices:
Import the home page plus linked pages ? levels deep
Import a maximum of ?KB
Import only HTML and image files.

Click Next

Screenshot - Import Site Wizard - Set import limits.

Step 5: If the site you are importing was created in FrontPage you will receive the following message.

The web site you are importing was created with FrontPage
To avoid conflicts, the themes, navigation structure, and borders of the current site will be applied to the imported site.
To keep the themes, navigation structure of the imported site, open it in Expression Web and publish it to the current site using the Publish Command.
Continue importing this site?

If the site was NOT created in FrontPage, you will not see this message.

Click Yes to continue.

Screenshot Import Site Wizard warning.

Step 6: The site now resides on your hard drive and you can edit it as needed or test investigate it to see how it works.

NOTE: If you are importing a site from a server that adds code to your pages as is the case of Rootsweb, you will also have the Rootsweb banners as part of the site. Delete these and the code that goes with them as you do NOT want these as part of your local site.

Expression Web 2.0 or 1.0

 Step 1: File > Import > Site Import Wizard
Tick the HTTP radio button
Web Site Location > Type the site url
Click Next

Screenshot - Import Site Wizard for EW 1 or 2.

Step 2: Follow the steps listed above.

My thanks to Cheryl Wise of for reminding me about this tool.

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Written and Tested April 23, 2010