Expression Web Tips for Newbies

Before you even start using Expression Web, you should read Prerequisites for Using Microsoft Expression Web by Microsoft. Expression Web is NOT a WYSIWYG editor.

 Expression Web 4.0 SP2a is now free.

Learn HTML and CSS

BEFORE you start using Expression Web you need a basic understanding of writing HTML code and using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). The tutorials at W3schools are a good starting point.

Setting Up Expression Web

Once you have installed your copy of Expression Web, you will need to setup the program to give you the best user experience. Head over to Tina Clarke's site and download your FREE Setting Up Expression Web EBook. There is one available for each version of Expression Web.

Learning How To Use Expression Web

You HAVE set up your new Expression Web program and taken the time to learn some basic html and css? You did not skip that part did you? Now it is time to learn how to use the program.

 I highly recommend you watch Cheryl Wise's four part video series on Getting Started with a Basic Website. You can stop and rewind as you go along.

The tutorial uses version 1/2 of Expression Web and there are a few interface changes in version 3 and 4 of the program. Site functions in versions 1 and 2 were under the FIle menu (File > New > Site) and have been moved in version 3 and 4 to the Site menu (Site > New Site) and that should get you enough up to speed to be able to work on your existing site.

Don't forget to download the assets zip file so you can follow along.

Next, work in Split View.

View Screenshot This way you can see both the HTML coding (Code View) and the WYSIWYG editor (Design View).

Additional Expression Web Resources

Creating Your First Site

Expression Web 4.0 Tutorials EBook - From Install to Publish and More.Now that you have installed and setup Expression Web, and taken some time to learn how to use the program, it is time to begin creating your website. You may choose to:

  1. Open a website that you have created in FrontPage. It is NOT necessary to import the site. If you are following this route then make sure you have a good backup of the site BEFORE you open it in Expression Web. If you are using any of the FrontPage bots, they will continue to work BUT you will NOT be able to edit them from within EW. If you need assistance in Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web, this eBook will teach you how to clean your FrontPage created site.
  2. You can create a new website and start from scratch.
  3. Create a new website using one of the DWT's included with Expression Web.

You might also like to download the FREE Free Expression Web 4 Tutorials EBook 2nd Edition from Install to Publish and More. in pdf format that will take you through the entire process of creating and publishing your website. The pdf EBook has been zipped for faster download.

If you are migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web, you might find this tutorial helpful Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web.

Publishing Your Website

Now that you have created your site, you will need to publish it to your server. You can follow Publishing Your Web Site with Expression Web. If you are using an earlier version of Expression Web, you can follow Publishing Your Web Site with Expression Web 1 or 2.

Expression Web Mailing Lists and Forums

If you have questions on using Expression Web, you can join any of the following mailing lists or forums.

Expression Web Books (printed)

The books listed below are available for Expression Web 4.0

Updated September 2011