Creating a New Page from Hyperlink Properties

I was working on a new site for someone and needed to create pages as I went along. I decided to use a tip recently presented by Cheryl Wise on by expression on creating a new page from hyperlink properties. The page in question was a list of photo albums but it could be any page or your site navigation menu.

Step 1: Right click on the text you want to turn into a link and select "Hyperlink" from the menu OR select the text and use Ctrl + K on the keyboard

Screenshot hyperlink menu.
Figure 1

Step 2: Select "Create New Document" from the left side button list. Type in the name of the new web page. By default Expression Web will create the new page in the same folder as the document you have open. Click the "ScreenTip" button to add the title tag to your link.

Screenshot Hyperlink Properties Dialogue Box.
Figure 2: Click thumbnail to view larger image.

If you want the page created in another folder, click the "Change" button to launch the "Create New Document" dialog box. You can browse to the folder you want the new page created in.

Screenshot New document dialogue box.
Figure 3. Click thumbnail to view larger image.

Type in the new document name , click "OK." If you want to edit the page you have just created, select the "Edit new document now" radio button. The new page will open in Expression Web and you can work on it. Select the "Edit the new document later" and the page will be created  but not opened.

Step 3: When you are ready, open your new pages, create the content, attach the dwt or attach the dwt and then create the content.