Optional Sidebar Info

Description of image.

You can add images to the sidebar but you need to make them no wider than 130px.

If you want the information in the sidebar to change from section to section, then you will need to make all or part of the sidebar an editable region.


Any information can be placed in the sidebar to help your website visitors navigate your site. 

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Desert Site Template

3 Equal Columns Site Template

If you are using Firefox and click the Download button, you will see a bunch of gibberish. Instead, right click the Download button and save the file to your computer.

Download Desert Site Template Package.  Instructions.

The template package was updated and revised August 2013.

The Desert Site Template uses one of the basic site templates offered on our sister site Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web as a starting point. The template uses a fixed width layout which will be centered in the viewers window.

A background image is used to create the equal height columns look. If you wish to change the colors, you will need to create a new image which is 964px wide x 73px high. Both ends are the width of the side columns plus the left and right padding.

Description of Picture.


The masthead image is 1000px wide by 252px high. It was added to the style rules for #header as the background image. The image is my own photo so there is no problem with licensing. You may of course substitute your own image.

Site Navigation

Both a top and right side navigation has been included with this template. You may use one or the other or both. If you wish to include a changing menu according to sections of your site on the right, then you will need to make the menu an editable region.


Classes have been included to float images both right and left as well as centered on the page.   All images you insert should be resized to the size you want displayed NOT resized by changing the width and height within the html code.

License Information:

This contribution is licensed to you under Creative Commons by the owner, Pat Geary. You must attribute the template design to Expression Web Tutorials & Templates by the link in the footer or the copyright statement meta tag.