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Springtime Mobile Friendly Template

If you are using Firefox and click the Download button, you will see a bunch of gibberish. Instead, right click the Download button and save the file to your computer.

Download Red and Black Web Package.  Instructions.

The Springtime Template is based on one of the layouts available from Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web. The rounded corners and shadows will display as intended in newer modern browsers but will degrade gracefully in older browsers and default to rectangular corners. This template uses a fixed width layout. Color Palette used with this template.


The header graphic image used with this template is from photo by Pat Geary. You can substitute your own image for the masthead but you will need to make sure the image is wide enough to fill the space. Class style rules are included to float your images right or left or center them on the page. Also to scale the image so that it resizes for the device screen.


The menu on this layout makes use of the Experimental responsive multi-level menu  which uses the PVII Menu CSS Express Drop-Down Menu by Project Seven Development with modifications for mobile use by Ian Haynes, Data Insite Ltd.  You will need to work in code view to work with the menu OR insert the menu into an include file which I have done.


The Google Custom search box will need to be adjusted with the code for YOUR custom search. You can, of course, use any search engine you choose. The styling for the search areas is part of the external style sheet.

CSS and Script Links

Besides the main style sheet (site.css), there is a special style sheet (media-queries) which allows the inclusion of special CSS rules to optimize your page for mobile browsers.

Image Gallery

Included with this template is a Responsive Thumbnail Gallery with a link to the tutorial.

Additional Resources

You can find detailed instructions for working with the mobile friendly site templates as well as a pdf file you can download and print.

Also resources on both drop shadows and rounded corners.