Woodland Stream Template

If you are using Firefox and click the Download button, you will see a bunch of gibberish. Instead, right click the Download button and save the file to your computer.

Download Spring Green Web Package.  Instructions.

The Woodland Stream Template is a fixed width layout available as one or two columns.  At 800x600 there should be no horizontal scroll. However at this resolution you will see very little of the dark background. At higher resolutions you will see more of the darker body background but the container and content area will remain the same size. Both the style sheet and the template validate. The page was coded using an XHTML Transitional doctype. This template is based on one of the layouts from Eric Meyer's CSS Sculptor for Expression Web.

Colors for the gradient image used as the background for the <h1> thru <h3> tags are #D2D8BC  and #FFFFFF.

Color Palette Used for this template.Color Palette Generator was used to generate the color palette from the masthead photo. Left to right, the colors are:

  • First Row: #333E13, #272F00, #5C7B37
  • Second Row: #D2D8BC, #8D9B5D, #0B2404
  • Third Row: #061609, #4D5142, #252E1D

The screenshot of the color palette shows the application of the class imgrgt. The is also a style to float images to the left.

Header Graphic Image from Pat Geary. Photograph taken at Douthat State Park in Virginia in May 2007 on a hike we took. If you want text as part of the masthead image, use your graphics editor to add it

You may use any of my free templates for non-commercial purposes (personal sites, non-profit organizations, etc.). I do require that you keep the credit link on all pages. 

Editable regions in the dwt include the doctitle, description, keywords, and the main content area.