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Wobbles Template

If you are using Firefox and click the Download button, you will see a bunch of gibberish. Instead, right click the Download button and save the file to your computer.

Download Wobbles Blue Web Package.  Instructions.

Description of Picture.The Wobbles template uses a triple layered background look with equal height columns. This template uses some CSS3 for the rounded corners and box shadows.  The rounded corners will display as intended in newer modern browsers and will degrade gracefully in older browsers and default to rectangular corners. This template uses a fluid width layout with a maximum width set to 1300px. You can increase or decrease the maximum width if you so desire. This template is also mobile friendly.


The images used for the background on this page as well as the masthead and footer are from  Eos Developments. You will need to retain the credits link if you choose to use any of their images. You can substitute your own images for any of the Eos Development images.

Style classes are included to float your images right or left or center them on the page.

The sitename and tagline use plain text. You can create a transparent graphic image to use for the site name if you so choose.

Changing the Column Background Colors

The equal height column look is achieved by using a background image on the contentWrapper. If you wish to change the color scheme, make sure you create a new image to use for the background.

If you wish to obtain the equal height column look without the use of images, the folks at Project VII have the following tutorial you can use: PVII Equal Height CSS Columns

More information on the Wobbles Template.