Triple Layered Background Template

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Download Spring Green Web Package.  Instructions.

This is one of the triple layered backgrounds that seems to be popular with some folks. It uses a fluid layout which will resize to 800x600 resolution without causing a horizontal scroll. The masthead logo is a transparent png image placed against the dark brown background. You can request the name to be changed or use your own image. If you change the height of the image, you will need to adjust the height of the masthead <div>.

The two floral background images are from Eos Development from their Meadow Morning collection. If you use these images or any of their images, the link needs to remain giving them credit.

The Navigation Menu  use three graphic images created by using the Interactive Button Wizard but is styled using CSS rather than the excess code generated by the button wizard. The two images within the content area are simply to show you how applying a class to the image will float it left or right.

This layout is based on one of the Eric Meyer's CSS Sculptor for Expression Web layouts which has been tweaked. Code is written using the XHTML Transitional doctype. Both the XHTML and the external style sheet validate.

H2 level heading

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