Wow!  I was searching for help with Expression Web 4 and found your website and that great e-book.  I just downloaded it and glanced through it.  It looks excellent.  I am trying to learn on my own to build my own website. Yesterday I spent too much time trying to adapt a new site generated by Expressions Web 4 and it was not intuitive.  I could not figure out, for example, how to adjust a thin line border around the page to fit a narrower size. I wanted a larger area for buttons on the left, tried to move the margins and it would not let me. Plus the widened tabs box would not show but appeared underneath the content page. Going back forth between the master page and the content page I could not find a way to change the layout.  Deeply frustrated I gave up.  Then today I found your e-book.  Thanks!!! Dennis Davis
When I started to update websites I created and maintained previously with Frontpage I somehow stumbled onto Pat Geary's Expression Web templates and tutorials.  What a blessing they have been for me as I was just learning the ins and outs of the Expression Web software and the use of CSS.  I needed to get as much done as possible to move my sites away from Frontpage extensions and Pat's collection of templates made it so easy to simply rework my sites by grabbing up a template and just moving right ahead.  I've been able to work through much of my questions with the online tutorials on the site and have even asked a few questions along the way that Pat graciously answered in such a succinct way I was never lost.  I am truly grateful.  Thank you ~ Barbara Brown ~

2 reworked sites soon to be up:
Hello Pat,     First, THANK YOU for the great free E-book concerning EW4!! You have helped me more than you know! After doing most of your tutorial, I am ready to look at navigation for my site re-vamp. I am coming from Front Page so it is a bit of a fight. You have a vertical menu at the bottom of this page... http://www.genealogy-web-creations.com/creating-navigation-menu.html like I want... Only ALL I WANT is the links and the rollover effect. Can you point me to where I can learn to make that menu?? I would hope it is in an e-book that I can purchase from you just as a way to say THANK YOU for your help. Please let me know. ~Dan DeArmond  ~

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I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful help that I have received from you since I joined the FrontPage list at Yahoo and finding your website with links and tutorials showing people how to learn Expression Web. I will be 65 this June and going from FrontPage 98 to Expression Web 2 has been a tremendous challenge for me.  It has taken me over a month to learn the basics of CSS and using the Expression Web program.

Thanks to the links in your email on the FrontPage list and your website, I have achieved limited success.  I uploaded my first two CSS pages to my website tonight and they worked!  I haven't compiled my home page well enough for my satisfaction but did the two sub-pages to see if they worked. Should you have the time to view them I would greatly appreciate it.  However, it appears you are very busy so if you don't have the time, that is okay too.

Back when Ancestry bought RootsWeb, I used their FreePages until they began putting pop-up ads on my file menu page and so I had to change.  At that time I was on dial-up and it was impossible to get anything done there. Again, I want to thank you for your time and the great help that I have received from your website! ~ Ann Glasgow  Life's Weaving ~

I have found this site to be extremely valuable as I upgraded from FrontPage to Expression Web. Pat has been especially helpful with the various problems I ran into. I am very pleased with my site http://dmreed.com which I not only upgraded to EW3 but also to virtually strict XHTML 1.0 and CSS. I am especially happy with my change from top of page horizontal navigation to vertical horizontal flyout navigation. ~Dennis Reed ~
I cannot praise Pat highly enough. Modifications were made to the soccer  website in extremely quick time and I am very pleased with the site Pat even made improvement to the site that I had not requested. The parents and children are very impressed with the new site. The site now looks professional www.lightwoodslions.co.uk. Once again thank you for all your help it is appreciated. ~ Regards Garry  ~