Soccer Template - Red

If you are using Firefox and click the Download button, you will see a bunch of gibberish. Instead, right click the Download button and save the file to your computer.

Download Soccer Web Package.  Instructions. is a fluid width template which means it will resize to fit the viewer's browser window with no horizontal scroll at 800x600. The width of the container is set at 90%. A maximum width for the container has been set at 1400pixels. Because IE 6 and below do NOT recognize max width, I have added minmax.js so that the page will render properly in those browsers. You can read CSS minimum and maximum sizes to learn more. This script makes these CSS properties work transparently in IE version 5.0 upwards. At 800x600 the red background will look more like a wide border.  The code is written using XHTML Transitional doctype and validates as does the external style sheet.

The navigation menu for this template is from CSS Drive - Dashed Vertical Menu. Other vertical menus are available from CSS Library.

Editable regions include doctitle, headsection for description and keywords, and the content area. The masthead image is 400x163 pixels with the background color set to #A70622 .  If you change the image, make sure you change the background color to match. The masthead logo is a transparent image. You may request the text in the logo be changed for your site name or substitute the top logo for one of your own. The class of imgrgt or imglft has been applied to the images within the content area.

Changes to the "look" of the site should be made to the external style sheet. You will need to create additional styles as you add content. If you change the width of the left navigation, make sure you adjust the left margin for the content area. The soccer template is also available in green and blue.

Soccer Template Package

The soccer template package contains the DWT for ALL three versions, an default.html file with the DWT attached, and all supporting files, folders and graphic images including a shortcut icon.

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