Quilt Patterns.

Quilt Patterns.

Quilt Museums

Quilting is a sewing method done to join two or more layers of material together to make a thicker padded material. A quilter is the name given to someone who works at quilting.

Quilting can be done by hand, by sewing machine, or by a specialist longarm quilting system.

Beryl's Quilts Site Template

If you are using Firefox and click the Download button, you will see a bunch of gibberish. Instead, right click the Download button and save the file to your computer.

Download Beryl's Quilts Web Package.  Instructions.

This template is based on one of the newest templates offered on our sister site - Expression Web Mobile Friendly Site Templates. This template uses some CSS3 for the rounded corners.    The rounded corners will display as intended in newer modern browsers including Firefox 4, Opera 11, Safari 5, Chrome 2, and IE9.  They will degrade gracefully in older browsers and default to rectangular corners. This template uses a fixed width layout and is mobile friendly.


The image used at the top of the page for this template is one of the borders from The Inspiration Gallery and is repeated horizontally across the page. You will need to retain the credits link if you choose to use any of their images. You can substitute your own image at the top of the page but it should be a seamless image that will tile across the page.

Images in the right sidebar are sample images from Fotolia.com. If you choose to use any of them, you will need to purchase them. Clicking on the image will take you to the image on Fotolia.

Classes are also included to float your images right or left or center them on the page.

Changing the Column Background Colors

A background image is used to create the equal height column look. If you wish to change the color of the columns, you will need to create a new image.

If you wish to obtain the equal height column look without the use of images, the folks at Project VII have the following tutorial you can use: PVII Equal Height CSS Columns

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