Name of Gallery

The background image of this page is 5 by 700 pixels using #692D06 as the top color and #B34D09 as the bottom color with the background color the same as the bottom color so it blends in. The background image was created using the Gradient Image Maker by Dynamic Drive.

The masthead is a transparent gif created with The Logo Creator. It uses Vivaldi as the font with the color black.

The top menu is the Modern Bricks Menu from Dynamic Drive. The background color of the page as well as the colors on the menu can easily be changed to what you might want to use on your site. There are many other css styled menus available from the Dynamic Drive site.

The photo gallery uses a table styled using the external style sheet. The images are samples to show you how it will look and what the maximum width of the image can be if you want the table to resize to 800x600 with no horizontal scroll and to have the images remain within the table cell. The title cell is also styled using the style sheet BUT if you were going to have a large amount of content for the image description, you might want to remove the bold face and apply it to just the image title.

If you want the viewer to be able to access a larger image, create a hyperlink to the larger image from the thumbnail. If you are using one of the free css templates, the gallery can easily be styled to match the site and still use the full page gallery template.