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Each of the site templates included on this page include all of the necessary pages for a small website. The package includes a dynamic web template as well as an external style sheet and all supporting files and images. You can easily rename pages, create additional pages, or delete those you may not need. Some contain a bonus!

Some of the DWT's are based on the original layouts first offered by Pat Geary and Tina Clarke on our sister site Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web. Those templates were all developed from an add-in, CSS Sculptor for Expression Web which is no longer available.

These templates are examples of what is possible by taking a basic layout and adding your own images and changing the colors.

Clicking on the link under the template will take you to the full size template where you can download the Web Package and import it into your newly created web. Don't have Expression Web? Download a free copy.


Screenshot of Friday Harbor template.
Friday Harbor Template
3 equal height columns Mobile Friendly
Added August 2013

Screenshot Roots and Branches template.
Roots & Branches Template
Added August 2013

Screenshot Wobbles Site Template.
Wobbles Blue Site Template
2 equal height column Mobile friendly
Added May 2013

Screenshot Daffodil Garden Site Template.
Daffodil Garden Site Template
2 equal height column fixed width to 1024px
Added November 2011

Screenshot of the Dandelion Garden Site Template.
Dandelion Meadow Site Template
2 equal height column fixed width to 1024px
Added November 2011.

Screenshot Floral Inspirations Site Template.
Floral Inspiration Site Template
three equal height column fixed width to 1024px
Added October 2011

Screenshot Summer Flowers Template.
Summer Flowers Template
fixed width template
rotating slide show for the masthead.
Added July 2011.

Nightlights Expression Web DWT Package.
Nightlights Site Template
fixed width template
two equal height columns layout.
Added February 2011.

Ocean One Column Site Template.
Ocean Site Template
1 Column Fixed Width to 1024px
Added March 2010.
Also Available Mobile Friendly

Screenshot Ocean Two Column SIte Template.
Ocean Two Column Site Template
2 equal height column Fixed Width to 1024px
Revised August  2010.

Screenshot Red and Black Site Template.
Red and Black Site Template
fluid width two equal height column
Use  Horizontal Menu Advancer
Updated October 2011

Screenshot Dest Three Equal Height Columsn Site Template Package.
Desert Three Equal Height Column
fixed width three column layout
Revised August 2013

Screenshot Majestic Mountains Site Template Package.
Majestic Mountains
2 equal height column
Fixed Width to 1024px package
Added July  2010.

Brown and Teal Site Template.
Brown and Teal
fluid width two equal height column
Uses Pure CSS Drop Down Menu by Ajatix
Added November 2010.

What do the Site Templates Include?

Each of the site templates include all the  pages for a basic site including:

  • Home page
  • Contact Us
  • Search the Site
  • Links Page
  • Privacy Policy
  • Site Map
  • DWT
  • External Style Sheet
  • Graphic images

There are other styles you will need to add as you go along. Google is your friend. Learn to use it to find style info you might need. There are many resources for learning CSS. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask. Investigate both the code and the style sheet. Make changes so you understand how the style sheet and coding relate to each other.

The thumbnail of the template will take you to a full page using that template. You can download the Personal Web Package or the custom template files from the individual page. There are also instructions for importing the fwp (file extension used for the personal web package) file into a new website. A Personal Web Package is a way in which Expression Web will package up all of the files/folders for a website into a package that can then be imported into a new website or existing website.

License Information

All of the free Dynamic Web Template packages provided on this website are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. They are free to use for both commercial and noncommercial purposes provided you link back to Expression Web Tutorials & Templates.

If you are a web designer/developer and want to use these for clients you MAY NOT claim them as your own design either through a link on the site or a copyright meta. You may put: Designed by Pat Geary of Expression Web Tutorials & Templates and edited by 'your name' and 'your link'. You may add, tweak or change them in anyway you wish. You may NOT include any of the Site Templates in any packages for resale or distribution or download without full written permission of Pat Geary of Expression Web Tutorials & Templates.

Additional Template Resources

Expression Web Site Templates by Pat Geary and Tina Clarke includes three series of site templates that can be installed as part of your Expression Web software and will be available anytime you need a template for a website project.